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Biba provides the skills, space and inspiration for girls and women to become awesome developers and future leaders.

About Biba

BIBA is a social enterprise run by girls, for girls. We know that there is a shortage of people in the tech industry, especially girls, and we want to make a change to address this issue. Technology is advancing at a rate that the demand for software engineers, data scientists, game developers and more roles, are increasingly getting higher and higher.

BIBA has been founded by a team led by Siddhi Trivedi who are passionate champions of tech with a vision of bringing the best tech companies, educators and thought leaders together to enable skills transfer between tech experts and young girls.

“It will be 30 years before there is gender parity in computer science degrees”

The Chartered Institute for IT 2020

For girls

The main focus for BIBA is to begin the process of bridging the gender gap of women in tech. We want to nurture and inspire girls from their early stage of schooling to foster a passion for a career in tech in order to meet the needs of the future growth of our economy.

We aim to bridge the gap between the number of women studying computer science at university, to the number of women in tech roles. With BIBA we want to achieve 50:50 (male to female ratio) by 2050.

We work with young girls aged 16 to 25 who want to go into a STEM career in the future, and those who want to work with existing tech companies to develop and refine their skills.

Time to rewrite the history, do it with us!

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How it works

01. Register

You sign up onto the platform and take part in a questionnaire, to find out your interests in technology.

02. About you

You will also be able to complete a profile on the system, which contains your academic and extracurricular experiences

03. Matching your needs

BIBA matches you with the best internships and projects, based on your interests.

04. Matched projects

You will be able to apply for these opportunities on the system. The application process will consist of a few questions (along the line of “Why would you like to be a part of this internship/project?)

05. Work on projects

Companies will be able to work with those that they have chosen for the specified internship or project. The company will provide you with resources to help you complete the tasks assigned to you.

06. Build your skills

Through the work you undertake with these projects, you will build a long term relationship with companies who will continue to help you develop your skills and experiences.

07. Follow up

If a student wants to go to university, then BIBA will help you choose the right path for you.

Giving girls the edge