Why We’re Different

The British Indian Blockchain Association (BIBA) has been founded by Siddhi Trivedi who had a vision of bringing in the best ideas, developers and minds to create a platform that will bolster meaningful and transparent collaboration.

BIBA will be the first social networking site in India that will bring people who are interested in societal good. The platform will give access to those who want to give business advice, developmental solutions, and access to investors. It will also be a platform where education can be gained through sharing of knowledge.

BIBA wants to bring shapers, innovators, storytellers, creatives and developers together to work together building a supportive and sustainable ecosystem.

BIBA allows its’ members, part ownership where they are free to develop the platform and contribute to the development in a supportive and collaborative manner.


To advance blockchain technology for societal good, through education, best practice and innovation


To be a leading authority on Blockchain technology, use and implement high-quality education, provide learning and consultancy to the blockchain technology professionals & organizations.

To actively encourage and support membership to new or actively engaged blockchain technologists , and to be a significant provider of blockchain education, learning and consulting to the wider global community.

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Our Core Values

  • Our membership community will be built through trust, respect, open transparency, honesty and embrace inclusion .

  • All signed up members will be expected to agree to work through our guiding principles stated above.
  • We will invest in our members to encourage theirs and our mutually beneficial development and growth. For societal good.

  • We will strive to continuously improve what we do by setting stretching objectives and measuring outcomes.

  • We will listen to our members, colleagues and partners and collaborate to and embrace innovation and creativity positively

  • We will execute our intentions, because it matters.

Become a member

  • Membership is open to all, but in order to join, you must sign up to our vision and mission.

  • If you are interested in learning blockchain technology or are interested in collaborating with organisations based in Britain or India then join us to become a member of BIBA.

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20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU United Kingdom

mail : info@bibaorg.io
Inquiries : info@bibaorg.io

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